The Village

    • Director

      Mark McCarty, Walter Goldschmidt, Colin Young

    • Credits

      Producer: Colin Young.

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Made by UCLA’s Ethnographic Film Program, this film visits Dunquin in Co. Kerry and examines how modernization has affected the inhabitants of this remote Irish-speaking fishing village in the southernmost part of Ireland. The film explores their connection with the nearby (and since evacuated) Blasket Islands and their relationship with visitors who come to observe them. The film particularly notes how the tourists who come to the village year after year to steep themselves in its old culture don’t understand how their presence only accelerates its disappearance. The Village records day-to-day life – much of it spent servicing the visitors – with many moments of wry comedy provided by the locals. Among these are the elderly and deaf motorcyclist, the amateur linguist, and innkeeper “Kruger” Kavanagh, who recalls his visits to Broadway and his connection with Randolph Hearst.

Notes by Sunniva O'Flynn.

70 minutes, USA, 1967, B&W

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