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    • Director

      Carmel Winters

    • Credits

      Martina Niland,
      Cathleen Dore.

      Carmel Winters

    • Principal Cast

      Aisling O'Sullivan,
      Stephen Moran,
      Pascal Scott.

  • Category


This debut feature from writer-director Carmel Winters centres on the caustic Sharon (Aisling O’Sullivan) who wants to “set the record straight”. Three years ago Sharon’s disturbed teenage son Stephen (Stephen Moran) kidnapped a toddler; the case was a media sensation, with the public’s bile directed mainly at Sharon, shattering her already fragile psyche. Teetering on the edge of a breakdown, Sharon spits anger, hate and frustration at the amateur documentary crew that have invaded her home, and indeed anyone else who crosses her path. Winters, who adapted the film from her own one-woman play, not only directs with a skill that belies her experience behind the camera but also elicits sterling performances from her small cast. Yet it’s O’Sullivan who dominates the film with a truly scintillating turn. A gripping psychological drama, Snap reveals hidden layers and twists as it plummets to its climax.

Notes by Gavin Burke

86 minutes, Ireland, 2010, Colour

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