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The Quiet Man

    • Director

      John Ford

    • Credits

      Producers: John Ford, Merian C. Cooper. Writers: Frank S. Nugent, Maurice Walsh

    • Principal Cast

      John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Victor McLaglen, Barry Fitzgerald

  • Category


A classic in the canon of Irish film, Irishman Sean Thornton (John Wayne) returns from Pittsburgh to his native home in the fictional town of Inisfree. Falling in love with both the scenery and local beauty Mary-Kate Danaher (Maureen O’Hara), Thornton comes unstuck when he fails to acquire Mary-Kate’s dowry from her brother Will (Victor McLaglen) after their marriage. Often baffled by the customs of this remote Irish village, Thornton struggles to understand the fury his failings provoke in Mary-Kate. Envisioning the Irish countryside as a picturesque escape from urban, industrial America, The Quiet Man has become the film around which generations of cinematic imaginings of Ireland’s countryside revolve. This state of affairs has proved controversial, firing the debates that have been one part of the ubiquitous presence The Quiet Man has in Irish cinema.

Best Director at the 25th Academy Awards 1952.
Best Cinematograpy at the 25th Academy Awards 1952.
International Award at the 13th Venice Film Festival 1952.
OCIC Award at the 13th Venice Film Festival 1952.
Pasinetti Award at the 13th Venice Film Festival 1952.

129 minutes, United States, 1952, Colour

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