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Out Of Here

    • Director

      Donal Foreman

    • Credits

      Producer: Emmet Fleming. Writer: Donal Foreman.

    • Principal Cast

      Fionn Walton, Emma Eliza Regan, Aoife Duffin

  • Category


Made with a quiet authenticity that belies its nature as fiction, Out Of Here tells the story of a generation through its central figure of Ciaran (Fionn Walton) and his restlessness upon returning to Ireland after a year of travelling. A college dropout, Ciaran meets with friends scrambling to make a living as graduates in contemporary Ireland; his real interest, however, is in ex-girlfriend Ruth (Emma Eliza Regan) and his hope of restarting their relationship. Despite this desire to make his life in Dublin work, even the presence of new flame Melissa (Aoife Duffin) cannot prevent his home and its familiar banalities being difficult to bear. Director Donal Foreman’s first feature after a series of successful shorts, Out of Here finds Foreman retaining his power to catch the small details which reveal the characters and their stories in this singular account of being young in Ireland.

80 minutes, Ireland, 2013, Colour

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