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One Hundred Mornings

    • Director

      Conor Horgan

    • Credits

      Producers: Louise Curran, Katie Holly. Writer: Conor Horgan

    • Principal Cast

      Ciarán McMenamin, Alex Reid, Kelly Campbell, Rory Keenan, Robert O'Mahoney

  • Category


Turning the stripped-down necessities of low-budget filmmaking to his advantage, director Conor Horgan in his feature debut creates a minimalist but handsome post-apocalyptic drama unrelenting in its grim vision of people scrambling over one another to stay alive. Jonathan (Ciaran McMenamin) and Hannah (Alex Reid) pair up with Mark (Rory Keenan) and Katie (Kelly Campbell) in a cabin in picturesque rural Ireland after an unexplained catastrophe has levelled society. Struggling to adapt to the new way of living demanded by this collapse, their adherence to the rule of law crumbles as they submit to bribery from local survivalist Tim (Robert O’Mahoney) in an effort to avoid starvation. Increasingly this faith in old codes breaks down as police and scavengers alike come for their food supply, whilst internal suspicions of an affair push them towards terrible actions in the name of survival. Unfolding at a measured but unrelieved pace, One Hundred Mornings refuses to compromise on its premise as it develops its gripping and morally-bleak conflict.

Best Director of Photography Award at the 7th Irish Film and Television Awards 2010.

85 minutes, Ireland , 2009, Colour

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