The Crying Game

    • Director

      Neil Jordan

    • Credits

      Producers: Stephen Woolley, Elizabeth Karlsen. Writer: Neil Jordan.

    • Principal Cast

      Stephen Rea, Jaye Davidson, Forest Whitaker.

  • Category


Shot in parlous circumstances as its British producers neared bankruptcy, Jordan’s portrait of an IRA gunman embracing his humanity in unexpected circumstances proved the pivotal moment in his career, after an ingenious U.S. marketing campaign swept the film all the way to Oscar night. Stephen Rea once more embodies seriously conflicted innocence as the protagonist’s promise to ill-fated squaddie Forest Whitaker prompts a life changing encounter with the latter’s alluring lover (a once-in-a-lifetime, performance from Jaye Davidson). The anguish of love and the rewards of compassion combine to make this an enduring modern classic, long after its much-touted ‘secret’ is out.
Notes by Trevor Johnston.
Best Original Screenplay Award at the  65th Academy Awards 1992.
Best British Film Award at the 46th BAFTA Film Awards 1993.
Best Achievement Award at the 6th European Film Awards 1993.

112 minutes, United Kingdom/Japan, 1992, Colour

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