A Film with Me in It

    • Director

      Ian Fitzgibbon

    • Credits

      Producers: Alan Maloney, Susan Mullen. Writer: Mark Doherty

    • Principal Cast

      Dylan Moran, Mark Doherty, Amy Huberman, David O'Doherty, Keith Allen

  • Category


Struggling actor (Mark Doherty) finds himself juggling a failing career, dilapidated home and a collapsing relationship with girlfriend Sally (Amy Huberman), whilst trying to put together a film with alcoholic screenwriter and close friend Pierce (Dylan Moran). As he and Pierce drink their way through life with Mark’s disabled brother (David O’Doherty) for company, Mark finds himself faced with eviction and losing Sally, until a series of improbable accidents leave him with much bigger problems to deal with. Knowing the police will never believe their story, Mark and Pierce decide to treat their problems like a film script and concoct a way to escape their nightmare. Beginning as a downbeat comedy, A Film With Me in It becomes increasingly macabre as it follows its amoral leading pair down a dark and bloody road.

89 minutes, Ireland, 2008, Colour

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