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Surrender Your Horns

    • Director

      Bryony Dunne

    • Credits

      Nuala Carr,
      Bryony Dunne
      Luke McManus.

      ELeanor Bowman.

    • Principal Cast

      Thomas Connors,
      Helen Desbois,
      Joshua Donoghue,
      Nancy Onu,
      Fabiano Roggio.

  • Category


After snorting a line of powdered horn, a lonely Irishman undergoes a Kafkaesque metamorphosis that turns him into a rhino-head man. Embodying both hunter and hunted, he guides us into an eclectic series of real and fantasy worlds, from the medieval hunt of the unicorn to the recent death of the world’s last male northern white rhino. Documentary scenes in Kenya, Vietnam, and across Europe merge with Theatre of the Absurd-style stage performances of unicorn nightclubbers, horn smugglers, and reproductive biologists to explore the fragile entanglement of all species.

Bryony Dunne is an Irish visual artist and filmmakerwhose works bridges documentary film, cinema, photography and the natural world. She explores power dynamics between humanity and nature, often using fact-based fictions in her investigations. Her work has screened at many international festivals and at the IFI Documentary Festival.

Notes by Sunniva O'Flynn

61, Ireland, 2022, Colour

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