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      Harry Macqueen

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Sam (Colin Firth) and Tusker (Stanley Tucci) have been together for more than twenty years and are as passionately in love as they ever have been. We are introduced to this high-achieving couple – Sam is an acclaimed classical pianist, and Tusker a successful novelist – as they are holidaying in the Lake District in an aging camper van, visiting family and old friends, and the places of their past, bickering affectionately over the merits of the Satnav versus old-fashioned maps. Appearances are deceptive, however, as the couple are on borrowed time; Tusker is suffering from early-onset dementia, while Sam is struggling with the loss of someone who is very much alive. ‘I am not the same person as before,’ as Tusker says, ‘I just look like him’. As their trip progresses, their individual ideas for their future begin to collide and test the limits of their relationship.

95, UK, 2020, Colour

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