Tomorrow is Saturday

    • Director

      Gillian Marsh,
      Gretta Ohle

    • Credits


    • Principal Cast

      Sean Hillen

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Tomorrow is Saturday is an intimate portrait of the life and work of Irish collage artist Sean Hillen. Diagnosed in his late 50s with Aspergers, Hillen has reached a point where he finds it almost impossible to work in his tiny terraced house packed with junk, unfinished art and boxes of memories. As he awaits the arrival of his beloved Amy, an American woman with whom he communicates daily but has never met, he embarks on a process of decluttering which unearths memories of an idyllic Newry childhood, a photography career cut short by censorship, and the evolution of a unique photomontage style that is infused with political satire.

Audience Award for Best Feature, IFI Documentary Festival 2020

86 minutes, Ireland, 2020, Colour

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