Town of Strangers

    • Director

      Treasa O'Brien

    • Credits

      Executive Producer:
      Joshua Oppenheimer

      Treasa O'Brien,
      Martha O'Neill

      Gina Ferrer,
      Treasa O'Brien

  • Category


There are only two stories: a person goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.

A stranger arrives to a rural village and calls for auditions asking people to tell her ‘dreams, lies, memories and gossip’.

Together, they go on a cinematic journey to explore their waking and dreaming lives. Featuring a cast of migrant workers, hippies, Travellers, blow-ins and newly arrived refugees, we are ushered into the private worlds of people living between two cultures, sharing their desires of longing and belonging.

82 minutes, Ireland, 2018, Colour

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