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    • Director

      Macdara Vallely

    • Credits

      David Collins,
      Paul Miller,
      Gigi Dement
      Jarin Blaschke

    • Principal Cast

      Yainis Ynoa,
      Rosa Arrendondo,
      Flaco Navaja,
      Gleendilys Inoa

  • Category


Babygirl, the second feature from Armagh-born writer-director Macdara Vallely, revisits the world of troubled teens which he first explored in Peacefire (2010). Set in the Bronx, Babygirl is an unsettling drama about a Puerto Rican teenager (Yainis Ynoa) who finds herself the subject of unwanted attention from her mother’s latest boyfriend (Flaco Navaja). She sets up a trap to expose Victor for the predator that he is… but the plan backfires. Vallely and Ynoa have created a compelling drama about a tough but sensitive young woman who is determined not to be a victim but to take control of her own destiny.

Best Irish Feature, Dublin International Film Festival 2013

81 minutes, Ireland, USA, 2013, Colour

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