Lotus Eaters

    • Director

      Alexandra McGuiness

    • Credits

      Morgan Bushe,
      Mark Lee

      Gareth Munden

    • Principal Cast

      Antonia Campbell-Hughes,
      Benn Northover,
      Cynthia Fortune Ryan

  • Category


For Alice, an ex-model and struggling actress, for Charlie, a sweet and gifted musician who has lost all control of his life; and for Felix, with nothing in his head and a teenage girlfriend whom he's been trying to leave since the moment they met...the choices are endless and the party never stops. But beauty and privilege are both skin-deep and you can't let life go on happening to you forever. Alice, Charlie and Felix are in free fall, irresistibly lovely but utterly self-destructive, hurtling towards events that will overwhelm their fragile friendships and even destroy their lives.

Notes courtesy of Screen Ireland

92 minutes, Ireland, 2011, Colour

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