Cellar Door

    • Director

      Viko Nikci

    • Credits

      David Collins,
      Viko Nikci

      Robert Flood

    • Principal Cast

      Karen Hassan,
      Catherine Walker,
      Mark O’Halloran,
      Ruairi O’Connor,
      Ali White,
      Ian McElhinney,
      Stella McCusker,
      Leah McNamara,
      Amber Jean Rowan,
      Conor O'Hanlon

  • Category


Racing from young love to tortured loss and back again this story follows Aidie, a fighter inside and out, as she searches for her son while in the grip of the Church.

With a unique point of view on a familiar trauma, Cellar Door cuts deep into the character’s experience in an exploration of love regained and loss relived.

Notes courtesy of Screen Ireland

90 minutes, Ireland, 2018, Colour

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