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Return to Montauk

    • Director

      Volker Schlondorff

    • Credits

      Volker Schloendorff,
      Regina Ziegler,
      Francis Boesplfug,
      Conor Barry,
      John Keville,
      Mike Downey,
      Sam Taylor

      Jérôme Alméras

    • Principal Cast

      Bronagh Gallagher,
      Stellan Skarsgård,
      Susanne Wolff,
      Niels Arestrup,
      Nina Hoss

  • Category


It is winter in Montauk, at the far end of Long Island. There are two deck chairs on the windswept beach. The chairs are waiting for two people who have, for a long time, been lost to each other. He is a writer and has come from Berlin. She is a New York lawyer. Many years before, they had a fling, but they were too young to know they had each met the love of their lives. Now they have come back to Montauk, filled with regret and hope. The bodies remember. It feels for them like the next day after the last one they were together. They do not know if it is possible to reverse time. In Montauk, they find out.

Notes courtesy of Screen Ireland

106 minutes, Germany, Ireland, France, 2017, Colour

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