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Breaking Out

    • Director

      Michael McCormack

    • Credits

      Michael McCormack,
      Aideen O’Sullivan

      Nick O’Neill,
      Richard Kendrick,
      Cormac Downes

    • Principal Cast

      Fergus O’Farrell

  • Category


Fergus O’Farrell was the charismatic voice of Interference, one of the most influential bands on the Irish music scene in the '80s and '90s.  Although diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at a young age, Fergus did not define himself by his condition nor allow it to limit his musical pursuits. The film follows him from his teenage days in Dublin to the Czech Republic, to Radio City Music Hall and home to West Cork where he struggles to record his final album.

Michael McCormack’s joyful, funny and deeply affecting portrait made over ten years captures the pain of Fergus’s deterioration and the strength he gained from his wife Li, his family, musician Glen Hansard and many other friends.

85 minutes, Ireland, 2019, Colour

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