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Puffin Rock and the New Friends

    • Director

      Jeremy Purcell

    • Credits

      Paul Young,
      Tomm Moore,
      Nora Twomey,
      John McDaid

    • Principal Cast

      Chris O’Dowd,
      Beth McCafferty,
      Geraldine Cole,
      Jim Craig

  • Category


Based on the award-winning TV series, a young puffin called Oona undertakes a challenging mission to protect the home she loves and ensure the survival of her puffin community.

As a huge storm approaches, the last Little Egg of the season disappears under mysterious circumstances. Oona has to race against the weather to find the egg and with her old and new friends, save the island of Puffin Rock as best they can.

Notes courtesy of Screen Ireland

75 minutes, Ireland, 2020, Colour

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