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Ooops 2: The Adventure Continues

    • Director

      Sean McCormack,
      Toby Genkel

    • Credits

      Moe Honan,
      Emely Christians,
      Frédérique Vinel

    • Principal Cast

      Dermot Magennis,
      Tara Flynn,
      Alan Stanford

  • Category


Life in an Ark with 50,000 others has many dangers: icebergs, unwelcome visitors, storms, woodworm and a very fragile truce between carnivores and herbivores. All hopes are pinned on a dove dispatched into the wild in search of land. The kids Finny and Leah are bored, Hazel is frustrated and Dave is worried about food supplies.

Life gets a whole lot tougher when the kids are washed overboard along with the last of the food. In a race against time, tide and a terrifying volcano, Finny must find friends, reunite family, save a colony from destruction and renegotiate a vegetarian peace deal. Oh, and has anyone seen the dove?

Notes by Screen Ireland

85 minutes, Germany, Luxembourg, Ireland, 2020, Colour

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