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Good Vibrations

Lisa Barros D'Sa, Glenn Leyburn, 103 minutes, 2012

Celebrating the true story of a man who used music to stand up to political and religious violence, Good Vibrations sees Belfast music lover Terri Hooley defy the Troubles by opening a record store and becoming the godfather of Northern…

Hearing Silence

Hilary Fennell, 12 minutes, 2010

Elizabeth Petcu, a professional flute player, copes with her gradual loss of hearing in this poignant documentary short. Narrating her experiences of her condition and the problems it causes, she reveals a lifelong commitment to the arts that survives despite…

Heyday: The Mic Christopher Story

Alan Leonard, 100 minutes, 2019

Celebrating the legacy of a prodigiously talented Irish singer-songwriter, Heyday charts Mic Christopher’s musical journey from Grafton Street busker to The Mary Janes and rock stardom to the near-fatal accident that radically changed his world view and ignited a drive…

Keep it Reel

Ricky Carranza, 2017

1994's Eurovision, hosted by Ireland, featured interval act Riverdance, which would become an overnight sensation and an iconic worldwide cultural phenomenon, spawning an unprecedented interest in Irish dancing around the world. One such place was Finland, a country far more…

Kila: Pota Óir

Anthony White, 63 minutes, 2017

Kíla: Pota Óir is a portrait of one of Ireland’s most respected cult bands who merge folk and world music traditions into a euphoric live experience. Now in their 30th year, Kíla, formed by a bunch of musical youths in…

Midnight Dance

John McCloskey, 6 minutes, 1996

The skeletal dead risen and walking is a theme in many great works of medieval art, and that tradition is used to great effect in this animated short. A fiddler plays music to raise skeletons from their graves and lead…

Moore Street Masala

David O'Sullivan, 5 minutes, 2009

Director David O’Sullivan effects a meaningful cultural crossover between Bollywood film styles and Northside Dublin locations in this musical short about a love that leaps across a class divide. Working a dead-end job as a shop clerk, a young man…

Natural Grace

Art Ó Briain, 78 minutes, 2012

Diving into the world of traditional Irish music Natural Grace reveals the life and art of one of Ireland’s great modern proponents of the genre: celebrated fiddler Martin Hayes. Interviews and performances tell the story of a man who took…


John Carney, 85 minutes, 2006

A heartfelt and honest musical, Once sees struggling musician ‘Guy’ (Glen Hansard) and migrant worker ‘Girl’ (Marketa Irglová) fall in love through a shared passion for music. Meeting on the streets of Dublin as ‘Guy’ busks to try make ends meet, the…


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