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Patrick Martin Collins, 2 minutes, 2020

Imposing a Lockdown is much easier than lifting one.

El Toro

Tomás Seoighe, 14 minutes, 2012

This Irish language short looks to traditional Spanish culture as it tells a winning story of a boy finding solace in an unexpected place. Unable to connect with father (Peadar Cox), lonely schoolboy Cian (Domhnall Ó Braonáin) discovers comfort in…

Fluent Dysphasia

Daniel O'Hara, 16 minutes, 2004

A clever spin on the difficulties Irish speakers can face in their own country, Fluent Dysphasia has the beer-swilling, pub-crawling Murph (Stephen Rea) suffer a head injury that leaves him capable of only speaking in Irish. Suddenly appearing terrifying to…


Tom Collins, 85 minutes, 2007

An eloquent drama about lives that dwindled away, Kings shifts between the Irish and English language as it sees five immigrants from the Connemara Gaeltacht confronted with the poverty of their lives in London when the sixth of their number,…

Legends from the Mists

Peadar Mac Donnacha
Keelin Kennedy, 5 minutes, 2020

The story of how Cnoc Mordaáin was formed. According to local legend there was a giant who terrorised the local people. A hero ‘Ciarain’ sailed across the water to save the people from the giant and in doing so, turned…


Paul Mercier, 18 minutes, 1998

The “oral Irish”, a compulsory state exam in the Irish language is satirised in this short from Paul Mercier. Sean McGinley plays the examiner who encounters the exam’s absurdities, as he tests students whose talent in the language ranges from…

Lomax in Éireann

Declan McGrath, 52 minutes, 2018

In 1951 American musicologist Alan Lomax travelled to Ireland and, guided by piper Séamus Ennis, began recording and collecting traditional Irish songs and music. Released as the album Ireland, and credited with the folk and traditional music revivals of the…

Mairéad Farrell: An Unfinished Conversation

Martina Durac, 52 minutes, 2014

This new documentary from Loopline Film investigates the life and death of Mairéad Farrell who in 1988 was shot dead by the SAS in Gibraltar along with two other unarmed members of the IRA. Due to her youth, her gender…

Men at Lunch (Lón sa Spéir)

Seán Ó Cualáin, 71 minutes, 2012

Amidst the Great Depression eleven New York workers sit on a girder and eat lunch in the famous ‘Lunch Atop A Skyscraper’ photograph which forms the subject of this documentary. Time is invested in authenticating the photograph and uncovering the…


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