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Caoineadh Airt Uí Laoire (Lament for Arthur Leary)

Bob Quinn, 57 minutes, 1975

Following in the footsteps of James Joyce and Flann O’Brien, Bob Quinn blended postmodern scepticism of official narratives with visions of Irish history in this film. Caoineadh Airt Uí Laoire begins as the story of a group of unruly players…

Clouded Reveries

Ciara Nic Chormaic, 72 minutes, 2022

Clouded Reveries concerns the life and work of poet and essayist Doireann Ní Ghríofa. Ní Ghríofa was catapulted into the international literary spotlight in 2020 with the publication of her debut novel A Ghost in the Throat. Lauded by the…

Croi Trodach

Des Kilbane, 56 minutes, 2013

Croi Trodach (A Fighting Heart) is the epic story of Johnny Kilbane (1889 – 1957), poet, politician and the longest reigning World Featherweight Champion of all time. It’s a rags-to-riches story which begins on Achill Island, from where his ancestors…

Cúilín Dualach

Nora Twomey, 12 minutes, 2004

One of the multi-award winning Cartoon Saloon’s earliest animated shorts, Cúilín Dualach brings us into the world of a young boy born with his head on backwards. The wider world is predictably shocked by Cúilín Dualach; he is shunned, mocked,…


Patrick Martin Collins, 2 minutes, 2020

Imposing a Lockdown is much easier than lifting one.


Damian McCann, 95 minutes, 2021

Tomás is a successful television producer. Specialising in investigative journalism, over the years he has made many enemies in Dublin’s criminal underworld. In search of peace and quiet, he and his wife Siobhan take their baby son Oisín to their…

El Toro

Tomás Seoighe, 14 minutes, 2012

This Irish language short looks to traditional Spanish culture as it tells a winning story of a boy finding solace in an unexpected place. Unable to connect with father (Peadar Cox), lonely schoolboy Cian (Domhnall Ó Braonáin) discovers comfort in…


Dathaí Keane, 95 minutes, 2019

A psychological drama telling the story of Micí Phincí Ó Foghlú, a young musician with a tragic past who is crippled in a car accident. He is given a chance at redemption when he is recruited by a violent avant-garde…

Fluent Dysphasia

Daniel O'Hara, 16 minutes, 2004

A clever spin on the difficulties Irish speakers can face in their own country, Fluent Dysphasia has the beer-swilling, pub-crawling Murph (Stephen Rea) suffer a head injury that leaves him capable of only speaking in Irish. Suddenly appearing terrifying to…

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