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Bob Quinn, 65 minutes, 1978

Bob Quinn’s firebrand response to pastoral visions of rural Ireland, this grim depiction of rural living generated outrage when it first appeared in 1979. The story concerns two layabouts, Labhrás (Donal McCann) and Sleamhnan (Niall Tóibín), and the poitín-brewer Micíl…

Reefer and the Model

Joe Comerford, 76 minutes (re-edited version 2014), 1988

Joe Comerford brought his brand of sharp realist cinema to this drama about Reefer (Ian McElhinney), an ex-IRA man who picks up hitch-hiker Teresa (Carol Scanlan), a pregnant woman trying to overcome a drug addiction. Nicknaming her ‘the model’, Reefer…

Self-Portrait with Red Car

Bob Quinn, 20 minutes, 1976

Made in collaboration with Joe Comerford (camera), Roger Doyle (music), and Brian Bourke (painter), Self-Portrait has been described as an aesthetic joke, although it is essentially an exploration of how sound controls our visual perception. The author himself explains: “the…

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