This film screened 27th April 2018.

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14.00 A Catch-Up on Gender Equity
Annie Doona (Chair of Irish Film Board / Bord Scannán na hÉireann) will provide an update on the response in 2017 to IFB/BSÉ funding strands introduced to achieve gender equity in development and production within an agreed timeframe. Stephanie Comey will update on BAI strategies towards improved representation by women across various BAI-funded strands. The IFI will report on the 2017 introduction of the F-rating (hot on the heels of this session at IFI Spotlight 2017) and representation of women practitioners across IFI programme. Session will be moderated by Dr Susan Liddy, Department Media and Communications, MIC, Limerick

15.00 Artistic Expression in a New Age
With a recent dramatic shift in consciousness regarding gender parity, sexual dynamics and harassment and abuses in the cultural sphere and other work places, this panel considers the responsibility of cultural providers, programmers and indeed audiences in presenting and consuming a range of work – some produced in contexts at odds with newly acceptable best practice. The panel will address topics such as the merits and repercussions of artistic censorship and cultural boycotts, and where the line needs to be drawn with artistic expression.

16.15 Wrap-up

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