Irish Film Institute -IFI Luminary Programme

IFI Luminary Programme

IFI Luminaries are a prestigious group of respected individuals who are passionate in their support of film and proud to champion the work of the IFI. 

As a Luminary they directly support the IFI’s core activity of restoring, preserving and digitising Ireland’s rich moving image heritage, and making that material available to audiences worldwide. It is a huge and challenging endeavour, but with our dedicated and expert Archive team, and using new technology and cutting-edge coding, and resourced by the generous support of the Luminaries, we will succeed in future-proofing our past, frame by frame, film by film.

Luminaries are invited to pledge their support of €5000 or more, over one, three and five years, enabling the IFI to continue on the ambitious journey to digitise the entire IFI Irish Film Archive and to deliver more digitised material for free worldwide access via an enhanced IFI Archive Player.

We will acknowledge your contribution with your name (or an honouree of your choice) on a film reel embedded in our landmark building’s entrance hall ‘walk of light’. Please note our current Luminaries below.

Luminaries public endorsement of the IFI will champion our valuable contribution to the preservation of Ireland’s cultural, social and political moving image heritage, both historical and contemporary, and will help encourage wider public support for our ongoing access and preservation projects.

For further information, or if you are a US Tax Payer and would like details on how to make a tax-efficient donation, please reach out to

We would like to thank our current Luminaries for their support:



Susie Lopez

Ger & Liv McNaughton

The Sargeant-Genovese Trust

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