Director: VARIOUS

Featuring the best of emerging Irish and international talent, this popular slot presents a variety of shorts that is sure to include something for horror fans of every stripe.

Inexorable, directed by Zoe Kavanagh
(Ireland, 5 mins)

The Wake, directed by Rik Gordon
(Ireland, 10 mins)

Eldritch Code, directed by Ivan Radovic
(Sweden, 10 mins)

Into the Mud, directed by Pablo Pastor
(Spain, 10 mins)

Winston, directed by Aram Sarkisian
(Spain, 6 mins)

Bye Bye Baby, directed by Pablo S. Pastor
(Spain, 15 mins)

Le Plan, directed by Pierre Teullieres
(France, 13 mins)

Teddy Bears Picnic, directed by Thomas Hodge
(UK, 6 mins)

RIP, directed by Caye Casas & Albert Pintó
(Spain, 16 mins)

The Box, directed by Adam Collins
(Ireland, 10 mins)

M.A.M.O.N., directed by Alejandro Damiani
(Mexico, 5 mins)

This film is screening as part of IFI Horrorthon, October 26th to 30th 2017 – click here for more details. 

Festival pricing and passes, call 01 679 3477:
5 films for €45 /10 films for €80

1 day pass – €45
2 day pass – €77
3 day pass – €104
4 day pass – €130
5 day pass – €135

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