Gábor Csupó

Magic, action and adventure shine in this adaptation of the classic children’s novel, directed by Gábor Csupó (Rugrats, Bridge to Terabithia). Mixing old style fairy-tale with Narnia-type escapism, it’s the story of orphaned teen Maria Merriweather, who is left alone with her madcap governess to find a new life at her gloomy uncle’s home in Moonacre Valley.

With help from a magical book left by her father, Maria finds out about the curse of the magical Moonacre pearls and the ancient war between the Merriweather and De Noir families. Wandering through the crumbling mansion, where secrets seem to hide behind every door, she is guided by the powerful Moon Princess and sets out to undo the curse and save Moonacre Valley.

Notes by Alicia McGivern

Tickets €5.50. A family ticket (2 adults, 2 children or 1 adult, 3 children) is available for €16.50.


103 mins, Hungary-UK-France-Australia-USA-New Zealand, 2008, Digital


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