Irish Film Institute -IFI FAMILY FEST 2019: STORM BOY


Director: Shawn Seet

Australia • 2019 • 99 mins • Adventure/Drama/Family

The much-loved classic Australian book and film gets a contemporary remake, as businessman Mr Kingsley (Geoffrey Rush) recounts his childhood experience of befriending an orphaned pelican near his isolated home. Forging a remarkable bond with the bird he called Mr Percival, as a boy he learns the importance of land, conservation and nature from local Aboriginal man Fingerbone Bill. Magnificent landscapes, magic, tradition and memory make for an unforgettable tale.

Crikey, Sport!
See some didgeridoos, boomerangs, digging sticks and Aboriginal art on show in IFI Foyer, in association with the Australian Embassy Ireland.

AGE 8+

In Love with Cinema (Short Film)
The irresistible story of the lengths one young boy will go to in order to see a film. Beautifully shot in Kyrgyzstan, this remarkable film reminds us of the power of cinema.
Kyrgyzstan-Turkey / 2019 / Live Action / Director: Ascar Nurakun uulu

Screening as part of IFI Family Festival 2019 – July 26th-28th

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