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Watch a daring Parisian mouse trying his luck against his feline neighbour, or a bird-of-paradise strutting his stuff. Fun and a whole lot more in this mostly dialogue-free programme of thrilling animated and live-action shorts.


Petite Étincelle/ Small Spark
In this delightful mixed media animation, the classic cat and mouse story gets a French twist! When his candle goes out as he tries to finish his favourite book, a brave young, mouse sets out on in search of light, which may mean an encounter with the big, bad local cat.
France / 2019 / Animation / Director: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin & Julie Rembauville

Mogu & Perol
Two friends living on Yummy Island who bond over an interest in food and learn how to share nicely in this fun and colourful Japanese stop motion animation!
Japan / 2018/ Stop Motion animation / Director: Tsuneo Goda

Last Days of Autumn/ Le dernier jour d’automne
As autumn comes to a close, a group of forest friends are busy preparing their mini machines for a big end of season race.
Switzerland / 2018/ Animation / Director: Marjolaine Perreten

For one little girl learning to cycle with her grandfather is the beginning of a big adventure.
The Netherlands / 2018/ Animation / Director: Sytske Kok/ Sophie Olga de Jong

A Good Heart
Just how many pets can this pre-historic family accommodate in their tiny home?! Home really is where the heart is in this beautiful hand drawn animation.
Russia / 2018/ Animation / Director: Evgeniya Jirkova

Fish/ Pez
Two schoolchildren have a sweet plan to make sure their busy mother sits down to eat. To make it work though they must play it cool in the school grounds.
Spain / 2018/ Live Action / Director: Javier Quintas

Racoon and the Light
A curious raccoon has some fun when he discovers an abandoned flashlight in this award winning student animation.
USA / 2018/ Animation / Director: Hanna Kim

My Granny/ Mi Abuelita
Cooking with nana can be a rewarding business even if it can be a bit tiring – the results are worth it. Prepare to be charmed in this utterly delicious Guatemalan animation!
USA / Guatemala/ 2018/ Animation / Director: Giselle Pérez

Screening as part of IFI Family Festival 2019 – July 26th-28th


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