Ostwind – Zusammen sind wir frei

Junior Cycle students of German will enjoy this classic teen story concerning rebellious Mika who fails her school exams and is sent to spend summer holidays with her strict grandmother in the country. With no mobile phone signal or friends around, Mika’s not happy, until she meets Windstorm, a beautiful black stallion that no one has been able to tame. Mika learns to communicate with the horse and sets out to convince her grandmother that he is worth saving.

Age Recommendation 11+

In co-operation with the Goethe-Institut Irland.

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Germany • 2013 • Family • 103min • English subtitles
Director: Katja von Garnier

IFI – Feb 10 & Mar 3

Clonakilty – Feb 26. (Park Cinema 023 883 4141)

Monaghan -Mar 10. (Garage Theatre, 047 81 597)

These screenings are part of the 2016 Spring/Summer Schools programme.

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