Irish Film Institute -MEMORIES


Director: Jean-Paul Rouve

96 minutes ◆ France/Belgium ◆ 2015

Aspiring writer Romain (Mathieu Spinosi) finds himself the calm centre of his chaotic family in this pleasant dramedy. His father Michel (Michel Blanc) has just retired and is slipping into a mid-life crisis, whilst his recently widowed grandmother Madeleine (Annie Cordy) is dispatched to a nursing home, and feels alienated and abandoned. In an act of defiance, Madeleine escapes to her seaside hometown in Normandy where Romain follows, setting off a journey into her past.

Festivals: Focus on French Cinema, Greenwich, New York 2015.

Director’s Note: “Replete with fine performances and emotional insight, Memories captures three transformative inner journeys across generations.”

Showing as part of the IFI French Film Festival 2015 (November 18th – 29th)

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