87 mins, USA, 2017, Digital

This film screened 6th January 2018.

This film is F-Rated. Find out more here.

Screening as part of First Fortnight 2018.

This screening will include a panel discussion with David O’Mahony (IFI) and JP Swaine (First Fortnight). 

A former punk turned Buddhist priest in Japan who has made a career out of counselling suicidal people finds himself at a crossroads, leading him to confront the same question his patients ask him: what makes life worth living?

One of the major discoveries of 2017, Emmy-winning filmmaker Lana Wilson (After Tiller) directs a beautiful, wise and deeply empathetic immersion into one fascinating character’s unique approach to suicide prevention.

The Departure will be preceded by the Irish short film Throwline. Throwline is the story of a group of taxi drivers in Co Kilkenny who came together to form a suicide prevention group. Uniquely positioned to patrol the night, the drivers keep vigil over the city’s streets and bridges and offer help to those who feel forlorn. Director Mia Mullarkey and Taxi Watch Ireland’s Derek Devoy will introduce this screening. 

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