Irish Film Institute -IFI FAMILY FESTIVAL 2021: SHORT TALES 1


Director: Various

50 mins

Age recommendation: 4+

Your youngest film fans will love this animated collection, mostly dialogue free and with all kinds of creatures, fierce and friendly! There’s a ladder-climbing fish, a fly on a dish. A grumpy old bear; a brave arctic hare. All these and more in our beautiful selection of international animations to delight younger viewers.

Spyflugen Astrid
Little fly Astrid is not happy when her dad asks her to babysit her sister. Find out happens in this charming animated short, based on a popular Swedish book series.
Sweden/2020/English Subtitles (read aloud by experienced reader)/Charlotte Rodenstedt/7.22

Fish on a Ladder
A fish climbs a ladder in this playful short told through cut-out animation techniques.
Romania/2020/Ioana Pasarin/2:33

A Lynx in the Town
Drawn by lights from a nearby city, a curious lynx decides to go on an adventure.
France/2020/ Nina Bisiarina/6.50

Kiki la Plume
A small bird finally escapes from his cage; now he must learn how to fly! Thankfully a new friend is there to show him the ropes.
France/2020/Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin/5:56

Six-year old Katie learns that her mom is feeling a little “blue” today. What does that mean? Maybe her best friends might know!
Ireland/2020/ Megan Devaney/7.34

Come see all the colours of the rainbow in this fun animation. Watch them bounce and play together, until one day the darkness comes to put them in danger.
Italy/2019/Maurizio Forestieri/4.50

Travel to the cold north to meet a very grumpy polar bear who is about to get an unexpected visitor. Will the visit be a disaster? Or can two very different bears learn to get along?
Russia/2020/ Marina Moshkova/5.36

Kenya’s Symphony
Five-year old Kenya is very bored at the symphony. Through the power of music, watch as she learns about a new passion she never realised she had.
United States/2019/ Carlos Douglas Jr/4.50

Screening as part of the IFI Family Festival 2021, August 27th to 29th.

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