A Winter’s Journey

Director: Visa Koiso-Kanttila

Finland • 2007 • 73 mins • Digibeta Finnish/German subtitles

As the film opens, Kalle Koiso-Kanttila is at a dead end, devoid of self-esteem, burdened by the past, unable to support himself and his family. His career is overshadowed by his fading faith in his own talent. His talent? He is a young tenor who hopes to become a soloist in Opera, having studied singing for ten years and graduated from a German Music Academy. However, the competition is ruthless, and even his singing instructor begins to wonder if he should give up his dreams to concentrate on overcoming the psychological demons that hold him back. Instead, Kalle meets an Old Master, a Finnish baritone named Tom Krause, who’s prepared to share his knowledge and experiences with the young novice. The interesting thing about this documentary is that the protagonist is the director’s brother, and behind the pressure for the singer to succeed lies their father’s lack of confidence in him. Director Visa Koiso-Kanttila portrays his brother with warmth and understanding but without sentimentality. A Winter’s Journey is a visually rich, evocative and inspiring story.
Director Visa Koiso-Kantilla will attend this screening.
If you can’t see this, try Jack Doyle: A Legend Lost (Sat. 11am)

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