Director: Woody Allen

96 mins, USA, 2016, Digital

This film screened 14th September 2016.

Our monthly gastronomic feature followed by a meal in the IFI Café Bar.

Our monthly pairing of a new release and a specially devised main course menu, will be Woody Allen’s Café Society , followed by a feast inspired by the film in the IFI Café Bar. This gorgeously realized representation of 1930s Hollywood glamour starring Jessie Eisenberg and Steve Carell is Allen’s love letter to Los Angeles.


Meat- 6oz Porterhouse steak with Paprika-Parmesan butter and hand cut new potato wedges

Fish-Marinated Duo of Lemon-Sole and Salmon on organic wild rice and Beurre Blanc

Veg- Cobb Salad with Avocados, figs, walnuts and garlic

Tickets €20, free list suspended.

See also the Café Society film page for details and regular screenings from Friday September 2nd.


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