Director: Derek Jarman

82 mins, UK, 1993, Digital

In 1993, Derek Jarman released Blue, an epoch-defining account of AIDS, illness, and the experience of disability in a culture of repressive heteronormativity and compulsory able-bodiedness. aemi & IFI are proud to co-present The Blue Description Project – conceived by artists and writers Christpher Rober Jones, Liza Sylvestre and Sarah Hayden – to create a new, experimental iteration of Blue that builds on the multifaceted nature of Jarman’s work through newly commissioned and expansive accessibility.

The film screening will have creative captions and audio description embedded throughout. For this inaugural Irish presentation of The Blue Description Project, it will also include a specially-commissioned Irish Sign Language (ISL) interpretation of the entire work. The discussion afterwards will be live-captioned and ISL-interpreted.

Don’t miss this unique cinema experience, which will also interest those interested in interpretation, and the process of making art accessible.

We are delighted to welcome co-creator of The Blue Description Project Dr Sarah Hayden to introduce this event and take part in a short discussion with aemi after the screening. Both the introduction and post-screening discussion will be made accessible through live captioning.

A block of priority seating has been allocated for audience members who wish to be closer to the Irish Sign Language (ISL) interpreters. If you rely on ISL please purchase an ‘ISL Priority’ ticket and a member of staff will point you in the direction of your seat on the night.

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ALT IMAGE TEXT: A single shot of saturated blue colour fills the image. This rich, vivid blue colour is called International Klein Blue, named after the French artist Yves Klein who mixed the colour. This colour is a variation or shade of Ultramarine; which was made by grinding lapis lazuli or a synthetic equivalent called French Ultramarine. The image is captioned twice, the top line reads: (slower, Blue singlets, on the edge of hearing – then four fast) this text is displayed in a turquoise colour. The caption underneath reads: A blue…at times, a witness…of what is to come. This text is displayed in a bright yellow colour.

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Wednesday 5th