IFI Documentary Festival 2016: Mattress Men

Director: Colm Quinn

82 mins, Ireland, 2016, Digital

Director Colm Quinn, Paul Kelly and Michael Flynn (Mattress Mick), will participate in a post-screening Q&A .

In an attempt to save his struggling mattress business, sixty-something Michael Flynn reinvents himself as the eccentric online personality ‘Mattress Mick’ under the guidance of his good friend Paul Kelly. Paul, burdened with debts and living with his family in inner city Dublin, yearns to for a full-time contract. Using all his marketing savvy and entrepreneurial skills, Paul embarks on a mission to make Mattress Mick a viral sensation. Will he be successful in his endeavours? And will Mick finally recognise the hard work and good intentions of his long-time friend? Vividly reflective of Ireland’s crippling austerity, Mattress Men is a wholly engrossing tale – peppered with startling revelations – of a friendship sorely-tested.

Mattress Men is screening as part of IFI Documentary Festival 2016 (September 22- 25)

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