Irish Film Institute -IFI & DAFF 2019: BURNOUT + Q&A


Director: Nour Eddine Lakhmari

112 mins, Morocco-Norway, 2017, Digital, Subtitled

This film screened on Sunday 5th  October 2019.

This screening was  followed by a Q&A discussing Arab female film-makers with producer Kadija Alami. Due to unforeseen circumstances, director Nour Eddine Lakhmari was unable to attend the Q&A. 

The interconnected destinies of three disparate characters in the Moroccan metropolis of Casablanca are explored in Nour Eddine Lakhmari’s gripping drama. Ayoub (El Jihani Ilyas) is a thirteen-year-old shoe-shine boy who dreams of buying a prosthesis for his one-legged mother; Jad (Anas El Baz), a forty-year-old entrepreneur wants to free himself from the obsessions of his late father; Aida (Sarah Perles), a twenty-five-year old hospital intern is leading a dangerous double life as an escort for wealthy clients. In their own ways, these three fragile characters confront their loneliness, misery, fears and hopes.

Screening as part of the Dublin Arabic Film Festival 2019 October 4th to 6th.

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