Director: Sven Augustijnen

104 mins, Belgium, 2011, Digital, Subtitled

This film screened 6th September 2016.

Artist Sven Augustijnen will introduce this screening and take part in a discussion afterwards. 

Sven Augustijnen’s widely acclaimed essay film follows a Belgian civil servant as he attempts to piece together the events of January 1961, the day of the assassination of the Congo’s first elected Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba.  Echoing Derrida’s Specters of Marx the work asks pertinent questions about ‘how a country or an individual deals with a colonial past and how does a nation process the suffering it has inflicted?’

This event is part of Sven Augustijnen’s exhibition ‘The Metronome Bursts of Automatic Fire Seep Through the Dawn Mist Like Muffled Drums and We Know It for What It Is’ at Dublin City Gallery the Hugh Lane which opens on September 8th


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