This film screened on Sunday 22nd September 2019.

This screening was followed by a Q&A with Margaret Salmon.

This event is F Rated. 

Born in Suffern, New York, Margaret Salmon is an internationally acclaimed artist filmmaker who lives and works in Scotland. In this programme of some of her most recent films, focus rests on the often strange and mysterious interplay she captures so evocatively between the human and natural world.

These portraits of places, people and creatures, both familiar and extraordinary, weave together poetry and ethnography, infusing the minutiae of daily life with gentle grandeur. Masterful orchestrations of sound and image, Salmon’s films introduce a formal abstraction into the tradition of realist film.

FILM INFO: Gibraltar, 18 mins, 2013, Digital; Cat, 3 mins, 2018, Digital; Bird, 6 mins, 2016, Digital; Cladach, 40 mins, 2018, Digital

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