99 minutes, Ireland, 2014, Colour, D-Cinema

 This film was released on Friday 1st May 2015 and is no longer screening. 

Alex (Peter Coonan) is a jaded musician getting to the end of his 20s, frustrated that life seems to be drifting away from him. He’s determined to leave Dublin and fulfil his dreams in London, despite his girlfriend revealing to him that she is pregnant. Colin (Killian Scott) has been Alex’s best mate for years, and while his ambition to be a stand up comedian remains as unfulfilled as Alex’s rock god aspirations, he is the more reasonable and romantic of the pair. The two friends spend what is intended to be Alex’s last 24 hours in Dublin together, during which they visit old haunts, banter about their shared past and their uncertain futures, and struggle to talk to girls.

Get Up and Go is a vibrant and affectionate portrait of modern Dublin, Brendan Grant enhancing his smart low-budget feature by utilising some easily recognisable city locations and employing a great soundtrack. (Notes by Michael Hayden.)


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