Director: Steve Read and Rob Alexander

85 mins, United Kingdom, 2016, Digital

This film screened 15th September 2016.

Android In La La Land is a celebration of a British music-making pioneer and the love story that helped him turn his life around.

At the end of the 1970s, Gary Numan found himself to be one of the world’s biggest-selling artists, “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” and “Cars” were huge hits, no-one had heard, or seen, anyone like him.

Asperger’s syndrome helped forge Numan’s ambition, his music and image, but it brought problems. At a time when the public knew little about the condition, the press labeled him a freak, one paper suggested his parents should have been doctored for giving birth to him.

Depression, near bankruptcy and a period in the wilderness followed.

Then Numan fell in love with his biggest fan, and married her…

Following the film there will be a post-screening Director Q&A.

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