Director: Vivienne Dick

Visibility: Moderate: 38 mins, U.S.A., 1981, Colour, Digibeta; Images: Ireland: 19 mins, Ireland, 1988, Colour, Digibeta

This film screened on Wednesday 19th August 2015. 

In connection with this month’s season on protest cinema (see page 13), From the Vaults presents two works by internationally renowned Irish filmmaker Vivienne Dick whose work is often associated with the punk movement in New York where she lived and worked from 1977 to ‘82.

The films in this programme foreground Dick’s impressions of a conflicted Ireland after this time abroad. In Visibility: Moderate, Dick collides often comic footage of a stylish but impassive American woman holidaying around Ireland with disquieting scenes of political unrest and sectarian prisoner testimony, while in Images: Ireland, moments of rural and domestic calm are punctuated by tumultuous riots at the British Embassy and demonstrations outside Mountjoy Prison.


We are delighted to welcome filmmaker Vivienne Dick to introduce these screenings. 

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