Director: Anne Fontaine

112 mins • France • 2019 • Subtitled • Digital

The screening on Sunday 17th will be followed by a Q&A with actor Vincent Macaigne.

Maud (Isabelle Huppert), stepmother to the beautiful young Claire (Lou de Laâge), is consumed by jealousy when she discovers that her own lover (Charles Berling) has fallen for her stepdaughter. Huppert’s brilliantly complex and ambiguous ‘Wicked Queen’ is equal parts attractive and diabolical, while a
terrific male cast is led by Benoît Poelvoorde, Vincent Macaigne and Damien Bonnard. All the classic elements are in place – the red apples, the woods, the animals, the house in the forest, the number 7 – while a thoroughly modern Snow White discovers sensual and romantic pleasures.

Director’s Note: Prolific director Anne Fontaine (The Innocents, 2016 festival) reimagines the tale of Snow White as a modern quirky fantasy, with playful references to Hitchcock.

Tribeca Film Festival New York 2019; Shanghai International Film Festival 2019

Screening as part of IFI French Film Festival – November 13th to 24th. Multi-film tickets available directly from the IFI Box Office: 5 films for €50, 10 films for €90.

Please note that due to the Club status of this film, only persons 18 years and over will be admitted to this screening.

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