Director: Edouard Deluc

102 mins, 2017, France, Digital

An atmospheric tale of adventure and the mysteries of creation, the film is inspired by Noa Noa, Gauguin’s illustrated travelogue created during his first visit to Tahiti (1891-93). ‘There’s no face or landscape worth painting here,’ remarks Gauguin (Vincent Cassel) of Paris, as he embarks on an epic journey to French Polynesia. Yet it is Cassel’s face that offers such a compelling and intriguing portrait of Gauguin, a man passionately committed to painting, confronting the unspoilt nature which inspires, but at the same time, devours him. (Notes by Marie-Pierre Richard)

Director’s Note: A richly pictorial account of Gauguin inspired by the vivid imagery of the artist’s travel journals.

Official Selection, Bienne French Film Festival, Switzerland

Screening as part of the IFI French Film Festival 2017 – November 15th to 26th.

Packages €45 for 5 films. €80 for 10 films. (Both packages exclude the opening film. Available in person or over the phone: 01 679 3477.)

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