Irish Film Institute -YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN’ YET


Director: Alain Resnais

115 minutes, France-Germany, 2012

Veteran Alain Resnais returns with this cheekily-titled film, reportedly his last, proving that at 89 he can still be as fresh and innovative as any tyro. Following the death of a famous theatre director, members of his company (including Mathieu Amalric, Sabine Azéma and Michel Piccoli) are invited to view footage of rehearsals for a new production of Eurydice, which the company had itself performed in the past. Ever more absorbed in their viewing, they eventually re-enact the play themselves. Concerning Resnais’ regular themes of memory and the persistence of the past, it would prove a fittingly curious end to a remarkable career.

Director’s Note: Alain Resnais’ universe of reality and fiction, theatre and cinema, life and death, is inventively explored in this highly stylised film.

Official Competition, Cannes 2012

Showing as part of the 2012 IFI French Film Festival.

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