Year of the Horse

Director: Jim Jarmusch

A brash and invigorating rock documentary, Year of the Horse marks an intriguing milestone in the career of director Jim Jarmusch. Shot mostly on Super-8 (because the small cameras allowed us to shoot without a crew, says Jarmusch), the concert footage has a raw quality which corresponds directly with the live music sequences. The movie originated from Neil Young himself, who was approached by Jarmusch to score his earlier film Dead Man. Young then asked Jarmusch to direct the video for the single Big Time and liked the use of Super-8 so much that he wanted to make a feature in the same style. The result is a comprehensive collection of performance footage from Crazy Horse’s 1996 tour, which was shot in both the U.S. and Europe. Behing the scenes footage, some of which is taken from the ’70s and ’80s, gives a down-to-earth insight into the machinations of a rock band who are not interested in musical fascism or second-guessing trends; these guys are doing it for one reason-the music. The film features such classic tracks as Barstool Blues and Like a Hurricane. A must for all music fans.

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