Irish Film Institute -Workshops


Direction Workshop
Gerry Stembridge is one of the best-known and colourful figures in the media in Ireland. He has worked in radio, television, theatre and film. His first feature film, Guiltrip, was screened at Venice. He wrote the screenplay for Ordinary Decent Criminal and his new film, About Adam, is due for release in January.

Writing Workshop
Roger Gregg is an american playwight, musician and erformer, based in Ireland since 1980. Over the past 17 years he has written plays and music for several theatre companies. He is also an accomplished voice over artist and actor.

Writing and Direction Workshop
John O’Hagan is Dublin born but grew up and was educated in the United States. He studied in the New York Film School (NYU). He has directed over one hundred commercials and is at present developing feature film projects.

Making Your first Movie
Ronan Glennane worked initially in film distribution in Ireland. In 1997 he quit the film distribution business and with Paul Ward, established Stone Ridge Entertainment. Stone Ridge plans to produce a feature film in September 2001.

Animation Workshop
TerraGlyph is Ireland’s largest animation production facility and specialises in traditional and 3D animation of features and interactive games.

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