Director: Michael Reeves

86 mins, UK, 1968, Digital

This film screened 16th July 2016.

The year is 1645; as the English Civil War rages on, Matthew Hopkins (Vincent Price), appointed Witchfinder by the puritans under Cromwell, scours the land for witchcraft and sorcery, meting out brutal punishments to those poor souls he deems to be in league with the devil.

A scandal on release in ’68 due to director Michael Reeve’s graphic realisation of Hopkins’ sadistic torture methods, Witchfinder General’s reputation has grown considerably over the years; it is a key folk horror work that artfully links its historical setting to the land and pagan custom.

Novelist and critic Kim Newman will present an introduction before the screening.

Screening as part of Haunted Landscapes, A Season of Folk Horror. July 16th-30th.

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