Director: Stephen Frears

98 minutes, 2013, Drama

Wild Strawberries is our bi-monthly film club for over 55s.

Retired nurse Philomena Lee (Judi Dench) has been keeping a secret for 50 years. Whilst detained in a Magdalene Laundry in 1960s Ireland, her infant son was taken from her. The extraordinary story comes to the attention of a cynical journalist (Steve Coogan) who decides to investigate it further, taking the unlikely pair across the Atlantic in a search that challenges both their respective beliefs. Terrific performances and humour from the leads make for a very moving adaptation of journalist Martin Sixsmith’s original book.

€3.85 including regular tea/coffee before the screening. Wild Strawberries is our film club for over 55s. If you are lucky enough to look younger, please don’t take offence if we ask your age.


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