Director: Jack Clayton

144 minutes, USA, 1974, Drama/Romance

Based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, the story of Nick Carraway and his fascination with the lavish lifestyle of his Long Island neighbour J. Gatsby gets the full period treatment in this version by British director, Jack Clayton. The big parties, the scandals, the music, the fashion, all play a part in this rich, if understated adaptation.

On May 29th, we’d like to bring some of Gatsby’s party spirit into the IFI by inviting you to dress in 1920s garb for the occasion. Call upon your inner flapper, dig out your old tux, or put a feather in your hair – anything goes! There’ll be prizes for best costume, and cocktails (non-alcoholic) will be served alongside dancing and music in the foyer. Let’s recreate the spirit of the Jazz Age at IFI Wild Strawberries during Bealtaine 2013. 

€3.85 including regular tea/coffee before the screening. 

This film is screening as part of IFI Wild Strawberries & Bealtaine Festival 2013 (May 24th – 31st). See also Dance Across Dublin & Short Film Screenings on May 31st (11.00). 

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