Director: Chloe Zhao

107 mins, USA, 2020, Digital, F-Rated

Let cinema bring you across the American plains, with this Oscar-winning film starring the incomparable Frances McDormand. In a performance that recalls her formidable Mildred in Three Billboards, the hugely watchable actor adds nuance and grit to the character of Fern, a woman disappointed by life’s hand, choosing to hit the road as a nomad.

Chloe Zhao became the second woman and the first woman of colour to win the Best Director Oscar for this beautiful, quiet portrait of the motley lives and journeys of America’s transients, people who for one reason or another choose the open road, the huge skies and their small mobile spaces for life out of the mainstream. Featuring real nomads drawn from Jessica Bruder’s original book, this glimpse of hardship, the gig economy, chances of love, fortune and kindness make for an unforgettable cinema experience.

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